Sync Medication Program

Sync Meds Program

An Innovative Service

Freeport, Grand Bahama; September 2013 – Health Enhancing Pharmacy, formerly LMR Drugs has started a synchronized prescription refill program that allows the pharmacist to fill all a customer’s prescription in individual, dose specific containers that is simple and easy for customers to follow and recognize when they have missed a dose.

The program works by synchronizing all of a customer’s medications to come due on the same day of the month. Each month a customer is interviewed by phone about any recent doctor’s appointments, hospitalizations, or changes in medications and their file is updated. They are also asked about each medication, and it is determined whether or not they need that medication refilled, and if not why. Their medications are then filled and ready to pick up on their appointment day. Contact with the doctor is done by the pharmacy staff in advance, and patients are notified if for any reason refills are not available.

The typical pharmacy model has not changed for many years, this entails the customer bringing in their prescriptions and then remembering to take them as prescribed by the doctor. Many times we see customers forgetting to refill vital prescriptions or forgetting to take medications on time or at all.

The Sync Meds program benefits customers on multiple medications by being a convenient, less stressful way to remember all their medications at the right times. It offers them a better understanding of their medication therapy, and most importantly, improved relationships with their pharmacy and other members of their health care team.

The goal of Sync Meds is to have all our customers currently on multiple, on-going medications for chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and high hypertension enrolled in the Sync Meds program. This program will help customers play a more active role in their own health care; they no longer have to worry about all the different medications as they will be laid out in an easy and convenient monthly dosage system. 

Health Enhancing Pharmacy works diligently to continue to be the people’s pharmacy by offering innovative technologies to our customers to help them live healthier productive lives.



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